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While there’s never been a better time for Kiwis to get out and explore their own backyard, we also know that COVID-19 has put a lot of strain on Kiwis. So we’re on a mission to make car rental in New Zealand as affordable as possible for Kiwis.

If you’re looking for a great deal on your rental, the first thing to check out is our Deals page. This is home to all of our latest car rental deals, including great discounts on rental cars across our range, fantastic one-way rental car relocation deals as well as some pretty sweet partner deals including AA Members.

Another great option we’ve recently introduced is the option to spread the cost of your rental car across six payments, using Laybuy.

Most Kiwis will be familiar with Laybuy. It’s a great option used across a wide range of retail outlets here in New Zealand and an interest-free way to spread your payments over six weeks.

Here at GO, we thought this was a great option for Kiwis wanting to spread the cost of their rental car, so we’ve introduced it as a payment option for all our vehicles.

What is Laybuy?

So, just in case you’ve never heard of Laybuy, or you simply want to find out a bit more about it before you decide to sign up, here are some of the basics.

Simply put, Laybuy is a great way to lock in your car hire, then spread the payments over a few weeks. This is what they say:

“Get it now. Pay it in 6. Interest-free. Easy.”

Laybuy Overview

Basically, once you’ve decided which of our amazing rental cars you’d like to explore in, you’ll go through the regular check out process and when it comes to ‘Payment M’, simply select Laybuy.

If you already have an account, you can login and complete your order in seconds. Then simply choose a payment day, view your schedule and select ‘Pay now’. Simple as that. You’ll receive a confirmation email from Laybuy which then directs you to our booking confirmation page. You’re all done. Your rental car is locked in and payments will be taken each week for the next six weeks automatically.

If you don’t already have an account, it’s super easy to sign up straight from the checkout on our site and you can find a few more details about getting started with Laybuy below.

Getting started with Laybuy

If this’ll be the first time you’re signing up with Laybuy, make sure you head on over to their website, where you’ll find some super-helpful information, especially in the FAQs section.

When you sign up for the first time, Laybuy does perform a credit check to obtain a credit score and then you’re assigned a Laybuy limit.

The first payment, which is equal to one-sixth of the total price, occurs when your online booking is completed. The remaining five payments are processed each week on the day of your original purchase. Easy as.

Will it cost me more to pay using Laybuy?

The beauty of Laybuy and one of the main reasons we’ve introduced it as a payment option for our rental cars is that there’s no interest to pay and no up-front fees. There is a late payment fee of $10, so if you miss a scheduled payment date, you’ll incur that additional cost.

Laybuy is also one of New Zealand’s most popular interest-free payment options, so it makes sense for us to offer it to our customers. It’s super easy to manage all of your Laybuy payments in one easy dashboard so if you use it for other stores, why not use Laybuy for your car rental?

Laybuy Management

We’ve found it’s great for those planning a trip a few weeks or months in advance, as it helps to spread the cost of the payment from the time of the booking. For a lot of our customers, that means that the rental car cost is paid off in full before the trip even begins.

Who is Laybuy available to?

As one of New Zealand’s most popular payment options, Laybuy is obviously available to all New Zealand residents who are at least 18 years old.  You’ll need a driver’s licence for identity verification, a residential address, email address and mobile phone number for the credit check/verification.

Once our borders open up again, Laybuy is also available to Australian and UK residents who are at least 18 years old.

Helping to spread the cost of your rental car with Laybuy

Hopefully, you’ve found out everything you need to know about spreading the cost of your rental car with Laybuy.

We’ve already had hundreds of people checking out, using Laybuy and we hope it’ll encourage lots more Kiwis to take the plunge and book their next rental car with GO.

For more information, make sure you check out the official Laybuy website.