We love all things travel. When we’re not busy writing about all the amazing things to do in New Zealand, we’re reading other travel blogs, checking out Instagram for some inspiration and planning our next trip.

Whilst we love all things New Zealand, it’s important to take a look away from our own shores once in a while to realise there are so many beautiful places out there just waiting to be explored. It also reminds us just how lucky we are right here in New Zealand to have so many amazing destinations right on our doorstep.

Photography bloggers

Some of our favourite people to follow on Instagram are travel photographers – people who earn their living from taking amazing photographs from some of the world’s most amazing destinations. These guys are pretty inspiring when it comes to planning adventures and thankfully a lot of them not only post up their stunning photos on Instagram, they also blog about them too.

We’ve picked out 10 of our favourite international photo bloggers (in no order) from around the world who you need to follow today! Get inspired for your next trip and maybe think about getting behind the lens on your next trip away.

1.      Anekdotique – Germany

Anekdotique Travel Blog Screenshot

Clemens Sehi is the founder of the travel blogzine Anekdotique.com. He is based in Germany, is a freelance copywriter and a world traveller. Mostly because he has travelled since he was a little boy and still has the desire to do so. Probably forever. He has travelled to over 80 countries and just can’t stop exploring and telling you stories about it. Clemens also runs another blog which is packed full of amazing photographs – make sure you check it out! Clemens has yet to visit New Zealand but it’s in his top 5 bucket list destinations – tell us when you get here Clemens!

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2.      Helen in Wonderlust – Africa

Helen in Wonderlust Travel Blog Screenshot

If you’re thinking of a trip to Africa, make sure you read Helen’s amazing travel blog which is accompanied by some amazing photography. Sick of the 9 to 5 commute, a 2009 trip to Africa changed Helen’s life. She set up Helen in Wonderlust in 2013 to inspire other people to experience the things she had been lucky enough to experience and we’re glad she did. You can check out some of her amazing photographs on Instagram.

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3.      Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere Travel Blog screenshot

Probably one of the most interesting photography travel bloggers we have ever come across is Gary Arndt. Whilst at first glance, Gary might seem like a lot of other travel bloggers out there, “I sold my house and have been travelling around the world for the last 11 years…”, Gary has quite a backstory and his amazing writing is punctuated by some of the best travel photography you’re likely to find. As well as his insightful travel blogs, digging into his ‘About’ section, you also find that Gary has one of the world’s largest collections of National Geographic magazines (including a Vol.1, No.1.) and is also a part owner of an NFL franchise! Gary first visited New Zealand waaaay back in 2007 but has been back a number of times since. If you want to see some amazing photos, make sure you check out Gary’s blog, Everything Everywhere.

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4.      Just One Way Ticket

Just One Way Ticket Travel Blog screenshot

Instagram has really changed the landscape for travel bloggers to be able to showcase their amazing photography and drive more visits to their fantastic writing which is supported with amazing photography. Sabrina, the voice behind Just One Way Ticket, is someone who has embraced Instagram in order to share her amazing photography (and Photoshop skills). Sabrina’s blog is inspiring and her photos, which have been expertly edited in Photoshop, really bring her experiences to life. We love reading through Sabrina’s posts and we’re not the only one – she makes it into countless top blogger lists and has been focussed on the BBC and Buzzfeed.

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5.      Sidetracked

Sidetracked travel blog screenshot

Elisabeth was born in Germany but grew up in Canada in the lakes and mountains. Elisabeth has a strong creative background having completed her studies at the Vancouver Film School. It’s easy to see how this passion has spilt over into her travel blogging and photography. Although Elisabeth has not yet been to New Zealand (come and visit us soon!), she has travelled far and wide throughout Europe and the Americas and has some fantastic resources on her site as well as insightful blog posts all supported by amazing photography. Check out her Sidetracked blog and follow Elisabeth on social media.

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6.      Girl vs Globe

Girl vs Glob travel blog screenshot

These Sabrinas get around! Another travelling photographer on our list is Sabrina Trojanova, founder of Girl vs Globe – an eco-friendly travel blog which also covers off sustainable fashion and vegan food! Another of our travel bloggers who has yet to visit New Zealand, Sabrina has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. Her blogs are inspirational and Sabrina has featured in a number of world-leading travel sites including the Lonely Planet, Huffington Post and Trip Advisor.

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7.      Luxe Adventure Traveler

Luxe Adveture Traveler travel blog screenshot

Jennifer and Tim describe themselves as ‘professional travel writers and photographers who love adventure and wine, so we often try to combine the two’. We know those two things will appeal to plenty of people who follow us here on the GO Explore blog! They have travelled extensively and have currently ticked off over 60 countries and 4 continents. Tim is the main photographer for their inspiring travel blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler and he takes some amazing photos to support their fantastic blogs. Make sure you check them out and follow them on social media.

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8.      Travel Reportage

Travel Reportage travel blog screenshot

Giulia Cimarosti is a travel blogger, photographer and hospitality professional from Italy. After time spent living in Egypt, the UK and the USA, Giulia is now back home in Italy, working for herself full time as a photographer and tour leader – taking people to awesome places around the world – quite a way to live your life and one we love! Giulia has a dedicated section on her travel site, Travel Reportage, to her amazing photography so make sure you check it out and follow Giulia on social media.

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9.      On the Luce

One the Luce travel blog screenshot

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, make sure you follow On the Luce. Set up in 2011 by Lucy Dodsworth, On the Luce is a wonderfully insightful travel blog covering some pretty amazing destinations. Lucy has visited us over here in New Zealand and made some pretty epic, off-the-beaten-track road trips – we salute you Lucy! She has a passion for photography and some pretty amazing images from all around the world adorn her blogs. Lucy’s Instagram is full of the same amazing photos so make sure you get on there and check it out.

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10.  Travel to be Alive

Travel to be Alive travel blog screenshot

The final blog making it into our top ten favourite photography travel blogs is Travel to be Alive. Written and curated by Jessica and Marco, the blog offers up a heady mix of inspiring photos and helpful advice for those looking to head out on an adventure. Marco is the photographer in the team and describes New Zealand as ‘a photographer’s paradise’ – some of their photos of our beautiful country are simply amazing so make sure you check out their blog and follow them on social.

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So there you have it – 10 of the best travel photography bloggers from around the world. Not all of them might claim to be travel photographers, but we have been following them for a while on social media and we can definitely say that their photography is truly inspiring and worthy of a place in our top 10!

Whether you’re thinking of a big trip in 2019 or you simply like to check out amazing photographs from destinations around the world, make sure you check out the blogs above and follow these amazing bloggers on social media for a daily dose of beautiful photography.

We love to see so many people travelling to New Zealand every year and welcome many through our doors at all five of our rental car branches throughout New Zealand. If you’re an aspiring blogger planning a trip to New Zealand, make sure you get in touch – through our blog and Complete Guides, we’re always looking for fresh content, new ideas on places to visit and of course, awesome photography! For travel photographers out there, we run a monthly promo where you can win back $500 towards the cost of your car rental through our awesome GO Snap Happy competition – perfect for travel photographers out there!