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When booking with us, receiving standout service on top of our safe, reliable, clean and affordable late-model vehicles is a given. We also have a bunch of awesome accessories to make your journey even easier. Now that will really put a smile on your dial.

Campable Wifi Connect

Mobile Wifi unit

Stay connected no matter where your journey takes you. For on the go WiFi, hire one of our Campable WiFi Connect devices. The device gives you the freedom to stream your favourite playlist, Instagram your latest snaps, or keep the kids distracted for a minute or two!

Features of Campable WiFi Connect:

  • Campable WiFi Connect uses the Netgear AirCard 800S to provide WiFi on your journey
  • 200MB included daily
  • Available NZ-Wide: Connect to WiFi anywhere in New Zealand within Spark’s 3G and 4G networks
  • WiFi Anywhere: Take your hotspot anywhere while you travel, to stay connected on the go
  • Multi-Connect: Add up to 15 devices to the hotspot at once


NZ$9.00 per day with FREE 200MB data per day

Extra Data: If you run out of data, you can buy extra data packs to suit your needs. This additional data lasts for 30 days.

  • 500MB for NZ$10.00
  • 1GB for NZ$19.00
  • 3GB for NZ$49.00

GO Navigation

Kiwis are pretty helpful when you need directions, but they’re not always around out on the open road. Travel with confidence by renting one of our excellent NAVMAN GPS Systems to ensure you are always GOing in the right direction.

Hire a trusty GPS today for:

  • $15 a day

  • $10 a day

  • $8 a day

Our GPS systems are also really helpful for making sure you stick our awesome road trip itineraries – keeping you and your GO Rentals car on track!

GO Child Safe

Taking the little ones for a ride? Wrap your precious cargo up safe and secure in one of our clean and modern baby capsules, child seats or booster seats. Hiring these with us means you won’t have to lug them around when travelling and pay any extra excess baggage fees.

Our GO child safe range includes:

  • $45 each

  • $45 each

  • $45 each

Once booked we’ll have these in your vehicle when you arrive. We will need you to fit the child restraints yourself to ensure your child is properly secured, however we’re happy to lend you a helping hand. All our child restraints meet NZ Land Transport requirements to ensure you peace of mind when travelling with the little ones.

GO Roof Racks

GO to the snow nice and secure, with your valuable gear locked firmly in a set of our roof racks. Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready to GO!

Roof racks are available for the following vehicles:

GO racks cost only $50 per hire.

GO Snow Chains

Get up the ski fields nice and safe by grabbing a set of our easy to fit chains. Some of our mountain roads can be a bit of a challenge! Snow chains are available for all our vehicles and we’ll help show you how to fit them when you arrive. If you forget how to fit them when you’re out and about check out snow chain videos online.

How to fit Easy-fit Snow Chains
How to fit Quick-grip Snow Chains
How to fit Compact Snow Chains

GO snow chains cost only $45 per hire.

GO Ski Racks

Secure your snow gear on our GO ski racks so they don’t go missing. We have small and large ski racks available. Our small ski racks will hold 2 snowboards or 2 sets of ski’s and our large ski racks will hold 4 snowboards or 4 sets of ski’s (bindings may need to be removed). Book your ski racks with your vehicle and we’ll have these fitted and ready to GO when you pick up.

Ski racks are available for the following vehicles:

GO ski racks cost only $50 per hire.

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