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Bluetooth In-Car Messaging Trial

This trial is now finished

We no longer require any participants

Help us make your journey even better

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make your journey with GO Rentals even better, and part of a great experience with us is having a safe journey.

We are super excited about joining forces with the NZ Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport and HMI Technologies to run a trial using real time messaging through bluetooth technology.

How we are doing it

We’ve got 60 roadside transmitters lined up between Queenstown and Christchurch which will transmit three types of messages to specially chosen rental cars via Bluetooth. The three messages relate to:

  • Reliability (talking about the road, how to travel on it etc.)
  • Amenity (where restroom facilities are)
  • Safety (stick to the left side of the road, there is a big junction coming up, slow down, etc.).

Click here to see where the transmitters are placed.

The messages are just short information bursts as you drive along SH 8 (Queenstown to Christchurch). They will just be heard like a radio announcement in your car.

We would love your help to test it out for us!

What you would need to do

If you participate in the trial, your car will be fitted with a special bluetooth receiver. During your journey between Christchurch and Queenstown you would listen to messages that come up along the way, have a think about whether they helped or not and then at the end of your journey complete a quick survey.

Get involved

Be a superstar and help us see whether this would be of benefit to you and other GO Rentals users.

As an added bonus you will receive our GO Peace of Mind Insurance option FREE for the duration of your hire! Not bad – and all you have to do is listen and answer a survey at the end of your trip telling us what you thought about the experience and how you found the messages.

Talk to us today and let us get you GOing!

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