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City Country KM to City Centre Taxi Cost Cost per KM Uber Cost 1 Day Rental Difference between Taxis & Uber Difference between Taxis & Car Rentals
Milan Italy 47 [wpcs_price value=146.84] [wpcs_price value=3.12] [wpcs_price value=81.2] [wpcs_price value=64.42] 181% 228%
Madrid Spain 20 [wpcs_price value=51.83] [wpcs_price value=2.55] [wpcs_price value=53.55] [wpcs_price value=67.63] 97% 77%
Auckland New Zealand 27 [wpcs_price value=80] [wpcs_price value=2.93] [wpcs_price value=60] [wpcs_price value=27] 133% 296%
Athens Greece 44 [wpcs_price value=101.93] [wpcs_price value=2.34] [wpcs_price value=70.83] [wpcs_price value=87.59] 144% 116%
Rome Italy 31 [wpcs_price value=39.73] [wpcs_price value=1.27] [wpcs_price value=65.65] [wpcs_price value=61.45] 61% 65%
Barcelona Spain 25 [wpcs_price value=69.1] [wpcs_price value=2.73] [wpcs_price value=67.38] [wpcs_price value=50.3] 103% 137%
London United Kingdom 27 [wpcs_price value=127.39] [wpcs_price value=4.7] [wpcs_price value=90.72] [wpcs_price value=104.22] 140% 122%
Lyon France 39 [wpcs_price value=107.11] [wpcs_price value=2.78] [wpcs_price value=89.83] [wpcs_price value=137.84] 119% 78%
Los Angeles United States 30 [wpcs_price value=101.6] [wpcs_price value=3.34] [wpcs_price value=50.8] [wpcs_price value=71.61] 200% 142%
Marseille France 26 [wpcs_price value=110.56] [wpcs_price value=4.25] [wpcs_price value=95.02] [wpcs_price value=156.03] 116% 71%
Birmingham United Kingdom 22 [wpcs_price value=138.97] [wpcs_price value=6.4] [wpcs_price value=65.62] [wpcs_price value=104.22] 212% 133%
Christchurch New Zealand 10 [wpcs_price value=47] [wpcs_price value=4.56] [wpcs_price value=37] [wpcs_price value=27] 127% 174%
Melbourne Australia 24 [wpcs_price value=62.24] [wpcs_price value=2.65] [wpcs_price value=47.47] [wpcs_price value=75.83] 131% 82%
Sydney Australia 17 [wpcs_price value=55.91] [wpcs_price value=3.27] [wpcs_price value=41.14] [wpcs_price value=47.94] 136% 117%
Munich Germany 37 [wpcs_price value=148.57] [wpcs_price value=3.98] [wpcs_price value=108.84] [wpcs_price value=74.67] 137% 199%
San Francisco United States 22 [wpcs_price value=87.74] [wpcs_price value=4.04] [wpcs_price value=44.64] [wpcs_price value=70.4] 197% 125%
Las Vegas United States 13 [wpcs_price value=61.57] [wpcs_price value=4.66] [wpcs_price value=29.25] [wpcs_price value=80.01] 211% 77%
Paris France 27 [wpcs_price value=74.29] [wpcs_price value=2.72] [wpcs_price value=63.92] [wpcs_price value=119.21] 116% 62%
Tokyo Japan 21 [wpcs_price value=329.32] [wpcs_price value=4.64] [wpcs_price value=382.88] [wpcs_price value=81.58] 86% 404%
Helsinki Finland 25 [wpcs_price value=91.56] [wpcs_price value=3.74] [wpcs_price value=62.19] [wpcs_price value=146.34] 147% 63%
Dublin Ireland 15 [wpcs_price value=89.83] [wpcs_price value=6.15] [wpcs_price value=127.84] [wpcs_price value=78.19] 70% 115%
Chicago United States 30 [wpcs_price value=101.6] [wpcs_price value=3.39] [wpcs_price value=58.5] [wpcs_price value=89.51] 174% 114%
Manchester United Kingdom 17 [wpcs_price value=77.21] [wpcs_price value=4.62] [wpcs_price value=44.39] [wpcs_price value=85.63] 174% 90%
Edinburgh United Kingdom 15 [wpcs_price value=92.65] [wpcs_price value=6.18] [wpcs_price value=44.39] [wpcs_price value=107.32] 209% 86%
Prague Czech Republic 20 [wpcs_price value=53.18] [wpcs_price value=2.71] [wpcs_price value=26.42] [wpcs_price value=47.52] 201% 112%
Frankfurt Germany 18 [wpcs_price value=162.39] [wpcs_price value=9.44] [wpcs_price value=86.6] [wpcs_price value=66.72] 188% 243%
Budapest Hungary 22 [wpcs_price value=79.65] [wpcs_price value=3.6] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=$49.92] no uber 160%
Stockholm Sweden 43 [wpcs_price value=54.25] [wpcs_price value=1.27] [wpcs_price value=55.06] [wpcs_price value=144.34] 99% 38%
Toronto Canada 29 [wpcs_price value=79.2] [wpcs_price value=2.73] [wpcs_price value=49.36] [wpcs_price value=67.64] 160% 117%
Queenstown New Zealand 7.7 [wpcs_price value=42.5] [wpcs_price value=5.52] [wpcs_price value=25.89] [wpcs_price value=27] 164% 157%
Bordeaux France 11 [wpcs_price value=95.02] [wpcs_price value=8.72] [wpcs_price value=62.19] [wpcs_price value=134.75] 153% 71%
Sao Paulo Brazil 25 [wpcs_price value=41.17] [wpcs_price value=1.66] [wpcs_price value=27.71] [wpcs_price value=34.23] 149% 120%
Hamburg Germany 18 [wpcs_price value=48.37] [wpcs_price value=2.69] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=74.67] no uber 65%
Miami United States 20 [wpcs_price value=43.1] [wpcs_price value=2.18] [wpcs_price value=24.63] [wpcs_price value=76.55] 175% 56%
Glasgow United Kingdom 16 [wpcs_price value=90.72] [wpcs_price value=5.63] [wpcs_price value=40.53] [wpcs_price value=107.32] 224% 85%
Wellington New Zealand 7.3 [wpcs_price value=28] [wpcs_price value=3.84] [wpcs_price value=24] [wpcs_price value=27] 117% 104%
Brussels Belgium 15 [wpcs_price value=100.2] [wpcs_price value=6.82] [wpcs_price value=60.46] [wpcs_price value=99.72] 166% 100%
Lisbon Portugal 6.9 [wpcs_price value=34.55] [wpcs_price value=5.01] [wpcs_price value=25.91] [wpcs_price value=67.74] 133% 51%
New York City United States 31 [wpcs_price value=67.73] [wpcs_price value=4.84] [wpcs_price value=63.11] [wpcs_price value=94.99] 107% 71%
Shanghai China 46 [wpcs_price value=20.45] [wpcs_price value=0.44] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=101.27] no uber 20%
Amsterdam Netherlands 23 [wpcs_price value=96.74] [wpcs_price value=4.24] [wpcs_price value=67.38] [wpcs_price value=153.08] 144% 63%
Oslo Norway 49 [wpcs_price value=155.88] [wpcs_price value=3.2] [wpcs_price value=157.82] [wpcs_price value=240.17] 99% 65%
Cape Town South Africa 19 [wpcs_price value=33.97] [wpcs_price value=1.84] [wpcs_price value=21.3] [wpcs_price value=29.89] 160% 114%
Cologne Germany 17 [wpcs_price value=65.65] [wpcs_price value=3.93] [wpcs_price value=94.95] [wpcs_price value=67.26] 69% 98%
Toulouse France 11 [wpcs_price value=53.55] [wpcs_price value=5.01] [wpcs_price value=36.28] [wpcs_price value=113.61] 148% 47%
Stuttgart Germany 14 [wpcs_price value=77.74] [wpcs_price value=5.55] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=87.55] no uber 89%
Nice France 7.2 [wpcs_price value=91.56] [wpcs_price value=12.72] [wpcs_price value=53.55] [wpcs_price value=131.53] 171% 70%
Bucharest Romania 20 [wpcs_price value=15.36] [wpcs_price value=0.77] [wpcs_price value=15.73] [wpcs_price value=44.44] 98% 35%
Vancouver Canada 14 [wpcs_price value=47.06] [wpcs_price value=3.34] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=69.73] no uber 67%
Zurich Switzerland 11 [wpcs_price value=98.65] [wpcs_price value=8.81] [wpcs_price value=50.86] [wpcs_price value=192.91] 194% 51%
Dubai UAE 20 [wpcs_price value=33.53] [wpcs_price value=1.66] [wpcs_price value=41.08] [wpcs_price value=54.22] 82% 62%
Gothenburg Sweden 26 [wpcs_price value=93.55] [wpcs_price value=3.64] [wpcs_price value=93.23] [wpcs_price value=113.61] 100% 82%
Moscow Russia 46 [wpcs_price value=12.42] [wpcs_price value=0.27] [wpcs_price value=20.5] [wpcs_price value=88.48] 61% 14%
Phuket Thailand 32 [wpcs_price value=19.98] [wpcs_price value=0.62] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=37.12] no uber 54%
Geneva Switzerland 8.9 [wpcs_price value=78.61] [wpcs_price value=8.83] [wpcs_price value=49.32] [wpcs_price value=172.9] 159% 45%
Vienna Austria 20 [wpcs_price value=62.19] [wpcs_price value=3.13] [wpcs_price value=50.1] [wpcs_price value=85.6] 124% 73%
Beijing China 31 [wpcs_price value=23.56] [wpcs_price value=0.77] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=101.27] no uber 23%
Copenhagen Denmark 8.6 [wpcs_price value=77.04] [wpcs_price value=8.96] [wpcs_price value=83.28] [wpcs_price value=131.26] 93% 59%
Berlin Germany 11 [wpcs_price value=89.83] [wpcs_price value=7.88] [wpcs_price value=108.84] [wpcs_price value=112.02] 83% 80%
Buenos Aires Argentina 32 [wpcs_price value=19.74] [wpcs_price value=0.62] [wpcs_price value=14.53] [wpcs_price value=69.88] 136% 28%
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 70 [wpcs_price value=29.47] [wpcs_price value=0.42] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=49.16] no uber 60%
Medellin Columbia 45 [wpcs_price value=22.55] [wpcs_price value=0.5] [wpcs_price value=22.55] [wpcs_price value=49.74] 100% 45%
Istanbul Turkey 23 [wpcs_price value=44.27] [wpcs_price value=1.89] [wpcs_price value=22.53] [wpcs_price value=82.21] 197% 54%
Santiago Chile 26 [wpcs_price value=24.86] [wpcs_price value=0.95] [wpcs_price value=27.21] [wpcs_price value=50.89] 91% 49%
Bangkok Thailand 35 [wpcs_price value=9.28] [wpcs_price value=0.27] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=37.21] no uber 25%
Antwerp Belgium 6.6 [wpcs_price value=48.37] [wpcs_price value=7.33] [wpcs_price value=32.82] [wpcs_price value=149.11] 147% 32%
Warsaw Poland 8.2 [wpcs_price value=18.24] [wpcs_price value=2.22] [wpcs_price value=11.35] [wpcs_price value=58.01] 161% 31%
Sofia Bulgaria 12 [wpcs_price value=9.93] [wpcs_price value=0.83] [wpcs_price value=0] [wpcs_price value=149.37] no uber 7%
Riga Latvia 9.8 [wpcs_price value=13.82] [wpcs_price value=1.41] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=59.64] no uber 23%
Singapore Singapore 23 [wpcs_price value=29.19] [wpcs_price value=1.28] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=56.16] no uber 52%
Hong Kong Hong Kong 39 [wpcs_price value=62.88] [wpcs_price value=1.62] [wpcs_price value=65.63] [wpcs_price value=176.97] 96% 36%
Rotterdam Netherlands 6.2 [wpcs_price value=20.73] [wpcs_price value=3.34] [wpcs_price value=27.64] [wpcs_price value=153.08] 75% 14%
Talinn Estonia 6.2 [wpcs_price value=19] [wpcs_price value=3.07] [wpcs_price value=12.09] [wpcs_price value=68.14] 157% 28%
Bangalore India 36 [wpcs_price value=17.87] [wpcs_price value=0.49] [wpcs_price value=10.16] [wpcs_price value=54.8] 176% 33%
Mexico City Mexico 8.7 [wpcs_price value=6.34] [wpcs_price value=0.73] [wpcs_price value=8.11] [wpcs_price value=25.24] 78% 25%
Jakarta Indonesia 37 [wpcs_price value=8.03] [wpcs_price value=0.21] [wpcs_price value=no uber] [wpcs_price value=269.06] no uber 3%
Bogota Columbia 13 [wpcs_price value=7.65] [wpcs_price value=0.61] [wpcs_price value=8.76] [wpcs_price value=87.64] 87% 9%
Mumbai India 10 [wpcs_price value=8.61] [wpcs_price value=0.83] [wpcs_price value=5.38] [wpcs_price value=52.41] 160% 16%
Cairo Egypt 21 [wpcs_price value=3.31] [wpcs_price value=0.16] [wpcs_price value=7.26] [wpcs_price value=67.07] 46% 5%
Brisbane Australia 21 [wpcs_price value=63.29] [wpcs_price value=3.48] [wpcs_price value=41.14] [wpcs_price value=75.83] 154% 83%
Perth Australia 21 [wpcs_price value=63.29] [wpcs_price value=4.03] [wpcs_price value=35.86] [wpcs_price value=75.83] 176% 83%
Adelaide Australia 21 [wpcs_price value=27.43] [wpcs_price value=3.81] [wpcs_price value=18.99] [wpcs_price value=78.18] 144% 35%
*Our data doesn’t include additional fees such as petrol, insurance and parking as this can vary by rental firm used, the city hired in, location within the city and even car hired for in terms of economy rates. We acknowledge that there will be additional costs with hiring a car, however, this table presents the most consistent data available for the countries analysed. **The data in this table refreshes daily with up-to-date currency exchange rates. 
Sources: All data sourced on the 19th June 2019 (for a hire date of 26th June 2019) (for a hire date of 26th June 2019)
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