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Answering your questions about booking, insurance, and payment

Frequently asked questions

What do your rental car rates include?
No hidden costs - that’s our thing. We’ve packed your daily rate full of the good stuff. Our rates include all taxes and GST, unlimited kilometres, free airport transfers on pick-up and drop-off, 24 hour mechanical breakdown roadside assistance with AA, a GO Play card with over 200 discounts on activities, restaurants and accommodation across New Zealand and GO Basic Insurance cover. (Minimum hire periods may apply). Our insurance is subject to an excess.
How can I pay for my rental car?
We've made it nice and easy to pay for your hire car. Payment for your car rental is to be made at the commencement of the hire. We will gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and EFTPOS. You can also prepay in advance using our GO Fast Check-In, a link is included in the email confirmation we’ve sent you.
Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?
It’s super simple - when you book via our GO Rentals website, you can either confirm your booking and postpone payment until you pick up, or you can choose to pay 100% of your outstanding balance.

Bookings that are made over the phone will be secured with a credit card (if you have basic insurance), or debit card for assured and peace of mind insurance options - phone bookings also require no deposit, and full payment will be taken on the day you collect the car. Getting you another step closer to your next big adventure. Just a quick note that at pick-up, we’ll need to put a card (credit or debit) on file for security. The name on this card must match the main hirer’s details.
Can I hire a car if I don’t have a credit card?
No credit card, no problem. If you don't have a credit card but you do have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, you can hire a car. Just a heads up that if you pay for your hire online, your debit card will be subject to a card processing fee. You will also need to reduce your insurance liability to the Assured or Peace of Mind insurance option. Your card must have the cardholder's name embossed on the front and the cardholder must be the main hirer.
Can I use some else’s credit card?
You sure can! If you do not have your own credit card to hire the car, you can use a family member’s or a friend’s card when booking online. When you come into our branch to pick up your vehicle, we’ll need to hold a credit card for security - for this, we’ll need you to provide a card which matches the details of the main hirer e.g. first and last name. If you are using Laybuy as a form of payment, the Laybuy account must be in the hirer's name. We will not accept payment where the Laybuy account holder is not the hirer.
Can I book a car now and pay for it when I arrive in New Zealand?
Of course! When you book online via our GO Rentals website, you can choose to confirm your booking now (without making any payments) and pay at pick-up. The same goes for bookings made over the phone -all we’ll need is a credit card number to act as security. Just a quick note that at pick-up, we’ll need to put a card (credit or debit) on file for security. The name on this card must match the main hirer’s details.
Will I have to pay a bond?
A bond is dependent on the vehicle you wish to hire and the insurance option you choose. If a bond is required, an authorisation is required on a credit card of the Bond amount. Unfortunately debit cards and cash are not accepted for bond purposes.

Here’s how it works. At pick-up, we test that the bond amount is in your credit card. As a note, we’ll need the name on the credit card to match the main hirer’s details. Once that’s done, the bond is released back into your card. It takes between 5 - 7 business days (regardless of the length of time you hire) for this to process and for the amount to appear in your card again.
Will I get my bond back once I return the car?
Of course, this is released at pick-up. Once we release the bond, it will take between 5 - 7 business days to process (regardless of the length of your hire).
Do I have to pay upfront to secure a booking?
There’s no need, once you confirm a booking online you’ll be all locked in and ready to go. You can choose to pay when you come in to pick up your vehicle, easy. As a note, we’ll need the name on the credit card you use for security, to match the main hirer’s details. The same rule applies to over the phone bookings - you’ll just be asked to provide a credit card number for security purposes.
How do I make a booking using a discount code?
Using a discount code to save is super easy. While you’re choosing a vehicle for your trip, you can enter your discount/promo code into the ‘promo code’ field on the top right hand of the page. This will apply the applicable discount amount to the displayed itinerary. Please note, it will not work if the promo code has expired.
Where can I find special deals on my rental?
Have you had a look at our deals page? It’s home to our latest discounts and offers and can help you save on your next hire. Downloading our app is another great way of having everything you need at your fingertips.
Is it best to book direct or through a third party site?
Either way, you’ll still get the same level of in-branch service and one of our awesome rental cars. Booking direct means you’ll get our award-winning customer service from the minute you start browsing. Seeing as we’re based right here in New Zealand, we’re always on hand to answer questions you might have, before, during and after your booking. If you’re booking through a third party site and need to amend or cancel your booking, you’ll need to do so through the third party site.
If I have an NRMA or RAA membership, does this mean I can get the AA partnership discount?
Unfortunately, discounts applicable to AA members as advertised on our website are limited to AA NZ Membership cardholders only. Reciprocal agreements for overseas AA organisations are not transferable. There are fresh deals available on our site - be sure to check out our deals page, it’s home to our latest discounts and offers that can help you save on your next road trip.
Do you have discounts for returning customers?
We really value our returning customers, and we are always happy to chat and help find you the best deal for your holiday. Please contact our team at and let us know when you’re planning to travel and we will make sure to get you the best deal available. Alternatively, you can contact us to subscribe to our email newsletter to receive any special promotions we offer from time to time.
Do you price match?
We’re working hard to keep our rates competitive, so we won’t have to price match. We may not be able to price match a quotation you have received from another supplier, but we are open to consideration. We will need a screenshot/copy of the quote you received from the other supplier - the quote must be for a vehicle similar to that of the vehicles we have on our fleet (i.e. we have 2019 Toyota Rav 4 Intermediate 4x4’s, we won’t price match a competitors quote for a 2013 Toyota Rav 4 due to the age difference of the vehicles). Please note that we will not price match quotes obtained for a competitor from a 3rd party comparison website (i.e. Webjet,, etc).
I got a quote for a trip and the next day, the price had gone up. Can I still get the original price?
Getting a quote is great, as it holds an advertised rate for 3 days. Should the prices rise in that period, your quoted price will still be valid. There are a couple of ways you can get an official quote. You can build a quote through our site, or if you’d like to get in touch with our reservations team via, they’ll be able to create one for you. After the quote expiry date has lapsed, the price is subject to change without notice and we may not honour any previous quote you may have.
As an AA member, how can I take advantage of the member discount?
If you head over to our deals page, you’ll be able to book your discounted rental there. The AA Member Discount is a 15% saving on your daily rate. We’ll need you to verify your membership by providing your card number, so make sure you have this handy.
What does it mean if a car has ‘On Request’ next to it?
This means that for your travel period, we have limited availability for this particular car. To check availability, get in touch with our Reservations team by phone or email us at
Can I use my temporary licence to hire a car?
Only New Zealand temporary licences are permitted to hire a vehicle with GO Rentals. Photo identification will also be required if hiring with a New Zealand temporary licence.
Can I drive on my overseas licence?
We accept full valid driver’s licences from most countries. Unfortunately, we do not accept Learners or Provisional (P) Plate licences. International driving licences are also accepted, and all licences must be in English.
I need to get my licence translated. What does this mean and how do I do it?
Self-drive holidays are an amazing way to experience NZ. To meet NZ Transport’s law licence requirements, you’ll need to provide a copy of your original driver’s licence to the NZTA approved translation service to have it translated into English. You’ll need to organise this in advance, before you pick up with an approved translation service. You can find a full list of approved translation services on the NZTA website in the area you are travelling to. We may be able to organise this on the day of arrival with the translation service - but to avoid having to wait for this to be completed at pick-up, we recommend it to be completed online prior to your arrival into NZ.
Do you hire cars to drivers on a restricted licence?
If you’re holding a NZ restricted licence, you’ll be good to hire and/or drive a GO Rentals car. For insurance purposes you are subject to the conditions of your licence. You may be liable for any insurance claim should a claim result from driving outside those conditions. You must be at least 21 years of age at the time of pick-up. Please note: Some vehicles require the hirer and driver to be at least 25 years old and have a clean full licence.
Is there a minimum age for renting a car from GO Rentals?
You must be at least 21 years of age to hire and/or drive a GO Rentals car.
Can I scan in the licence of a second driver if I am picking them up on my way?
If you’re planning on driving, we’ll need you to pop into one of our branch locations to have your licence physically sighted. Every driver needs to do this before they resume driving our vehicles. We won’t accept the original, photocopy or digital copy of the other driver’s licence if they’re not present to present it themselves.
I want to make a booking online - is it possible to give my licence and credit card details once I arrive in New Zealand?
When booking with us, we’ll ask to place a credit card on file, this is used for security reasons and you can absolutely choose to pay when you arrive in branch. The same goes for your licence. There are a few exceptions, like after-hour bookings. If this applies to you, you’ll just need to follow the instructions in your booking confirmation email.
Do you offer one-way hires?
We sure do. We can arrange one-way car hires to and from all our locations. There are a couple things you’ll have to consider - we do have minimum hire periods in place, and one-way hires are dependent on the time of year and your direction of travel. On occasion, we will make allowances if we need vehicles in other branches.
If I book a relocation deal, will I receive free petrol?
This’ll depend on the deal you’ve booked. Seeing as not all relocation deals include a free tank of fuel, you’ll want to check the deal description to clarify if any add-ons are included e.g. free tank of fuel, free vehicle ferry, free driver ferry ticket, free driver etc.
If I book an inter-island relocation deal, will it include the cost of the ferry crossing?
This’ll depend on the deal you’ve booked. Seeing as not all relocation deals include a free ferry crossing, you’ll want to check the deal description to clarify if any add-ons are included e.g. free tank of fuel, free vehicle ferry, free driver ferry ticket, free driver etc.
Can I pick up or drop-off a vehicle outside business hours?
You definitely can, at all branches except Auckland City. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll email through some instructions. If you’re returning to our branch, we prefer you return during business hours where possible, however parking and key drops are available in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown.
Can I drop-off a car in any city in New Zealand?
Unfortunately not, we’ll need you to drop-off your car at your specified drop-off location. This’ll make sure the car’s all good to go for the its next hire. We’ve conveniently located in five of the main centres in New Zealand; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown. All our rental cars must be picked up and dropped off at one of these locations.
What time do your airport shuttles run until?
Our airport shuttles are running at Auckland Airport, Wellington and Christchurch from 8am - 5pm 7 days a week. This is not available at other locations, however we are only a short walk from the airport.
What level of insurance is included as standard when I rent a car from you?
Each rental includes our Basic insurance cover. This is already included in the price of your rental. This is our base option and has the maximum excess you would pay in relation to an insurance claim. Please note, we require a credit card to be presented on pick-up as we hold a bond on your credit card during your hire. As a note, we’ll need the name on the credit card you use for security, to match the main hirer’s details. Once you’ve dropped off your vehicle, we release the hold on the card - this process takes up to 10 business days after it’s applied, regardless of your rental hire period.
If I have rental car excess insurance through my travel insurance or credit card, do I still need to take out a policy with GO?
That's great that you have cover through a third party. What this generally means (and of course every policy is different) is that if there was an accident and we did have to charge you, you would be able to claim this back off your insurance. As you would be making the claim with them directly, we would still need to hold a bond against your card. If you do wish to remove this, you would need to select one of our insurance options.
Does your insurance cover mechanical breakdowns?
Great question - AA Roadside Insurance is included in the cost of your hire. This is a 24-hour mechanical breakdown cover, which means that if the breakdown is due to a mechanical issue, we’ll cover the cost.
If I have my own car insurance in NZ, can I use this when I rent a car with GO?
Doing a bit of backyard exploring? We’re glad to hear that we’ll be part of your holiday. Seeing as you’ll be hiring one of our vehicles, we won’t be able to accept self-insured hire. This will mean having to choose one of our insurance options instead. We have three insurance options - our Basic insurance option comes standard with the rental rate.
Can I take my car on the ferry?
With so much to see and do in NZ, we’re happy for you to take our rental cars on the ferry. This includes local as well as the Cook Strait ferries. There are two major ferry companies you can use when crossing the Cook Strait: Bluebridge and Interislander. Ferry bookings can be arranged by GO representatives via email or telephone on your behalf.
Do you arrange bookings of the Cook Strait ferry?
Take the stress out of booking your crossing by letting us give you a hand. We find it’s best to book in advance, especially during peak season, so you can be sure you’ll secure a spot at a better rate by booking in advance. All you need to do is let us know the dates of your crossing and we’ll do the rest. Contact us at to get started.
Do you have baby seats available for hire?
If the little ones are coming along for their very own adventure, we’ve got you covered - with baby capsules, child seats and booster seats all available for hire from our branches. These can be pre-booked so we can have them fitted into your rental car ready for you to head straight off.
Do your rental cars include GPS?
This will depend on the type of car you’ve booked. While our late model cars come fitted with built-in satellite navigation, some other vehicles might not have this feature available. If you’ll be needing a GPS, we have devices available in branch that you can hire. If you’ve booked this in advance, we can get you on the road quicker by fitting the device to your vehicle in advance.
Can we hire snow chains if we are planning on heading to the ski slopes?
If you’re planning a trip up the mountain, we can help you get sorted with snow chains available for hire. We’ll even show you how to fit them, so that you’re all ready to go. Some of our mountain roads can be a bit of a challenge so we advise anyone planning on heading to the ski fields in one of our rental cars to add on the snow chains. Some roads, especially around Queenstown, have compulsory snow chain usage in place. If you’re planning on taking those routes, it’s best to plan ahead and add them to your booking.
Can I hire snow chains for use on my own vehicle?
To make sure we have everything our customers need for their winter travel, we reserve snow chain hires for use on our own vehicles only.
Do you have roof racks and ski racks?
We have both on hand at all branches, to help you get winter-ready. These racks can only be fitted to specific vehicles, so you’ll want to get in touch with us before locking in your booking to make sure the car you’re choosing is compatible and can be fitted with roof or ski racks.
Do any of your rental cars have a sunroof?
Unfortunately, our rental cars don’t have a sunroof.
Do your rental cars all include unlimited miles?
We want you to see and explore as much of NZ as you can, so we’ve included unlimited mileage & on-road costs (i.e. Road User Charges for diesel vehicles) in the rental price for our vehicles.
Can your vehicles be driven on gravel roads?
If the road you’re driving on is a legal and named gravel road, then you’re okay to drive it. As outlined in our terms and conditions, if there’s any damage to the underbody, this isn’t covered by insurance and you’re liable for all costs associated to the damage.
Are there any roads that I can’t travel on in a GO Rentals car?
There are a few roads that we won’t let our vehicles be driven on, these are: Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), Te Paki Stream Bed, the road to Macetown in the Queenstown Area, or any unformed road or any track or thoroughfare including gravel roads that is not officially designated a road, including any beach.
Do you allow animals in your rental cars?
Needing to bring the furry family member along for the ride? We allow pets to be transported in our vehicles in a cage only. If the pet is not secured in a cage, you are subject to a $200 cleaning fee.
Can I smoke in the car?
For the comfort of all our customers, we have a no smoking policy across all of our vehicles. A valet charge of $200 minimum will apply.
Can you guarantee an automatic or manual vehicle?
Most of our fleet is automatic, unless otherwise stated. This means that you’re likely to be assigned an automatic transmission vehicle. If you’d like to drive a manual transmission, give us a bell and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate.
Do your vehicles come with Bluetooth connectivity?
This will depend on the type of car you’ve booked. Most of our late model vehicles have the feature built in. You can double check by consulting our vehicle listings on our website. If you’d like to double check that the car you’re looking to hire has the feature built in, get in touch and we’ll have a look for you.
If I hire a diesel car, do I have to pay the Road User Charge (RUC)?
We want to make your rental process as smooth as possible, so we’ve included your Road User Charges in your rental rate.
Do you have a loyalty program?
All good things take time, so while we’re working on building the ultimate loyalty program, we’ve been offering exclusive savings to our email marketing list. If you’d like to sign up to our mailing list, contact us at
Do you have a corporate program?
We certainly do - we call it our Express Program.  We have a great team that are dedicated to helping our corporate customers get set up and on the road - you can contact them on
Where can I find your Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)?
You can find our full Terms and Conditions here
Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
You can view our Privacy Policy here
What accessories or extras can I hire for my trip?
We have lots of extras and accessories available for hire to help you make the most of your holiday. You can purchase an extra driver, a GPS navigator, or in-car Wifi. If you’re bringing the little ones along with you, we also have baby capsules and child or booster seats available for hire also. If you’re taking any adventure gear or heading up to the snow, we also have roof racks, ski racks and snow chains available to hire for the duration of your hire. You can add these to your hire during the booking process, or get in touch with us before you pick up your vehicle so we can make sure the vehicle you've chosen is compatible and can be fitted with roof or ski racks.
Can I pay for my hire using a credit card?
Of course, you’re more than welcome to pay using your credit card. You'll want to note that a credit card processing fees will apply. For Visa or Mastercard holders, this is 2%. American Express, Diners and JCB card holders will be charged 4%. This fee will be added to your final quote, keep an eye out for it.
Can I pay online using a debit card?
Of course you can! If you'd like to save time at pick-up, you can pay for your hire online. Please note that your debit card will be subject to a card processing fee. This fee will be added to your final quote, keep an eye out for it.
Can I pick up in one destination and drop off in another?
You sure can. We can arrange one-way car hires to and from all our locations. There are a couple things you’ll have to consider - we do have minimum hire periods in place, and one-way hires are dependent on the time of year and your direction of travel. On occasion, we will make allowances if we need vehicles in other branches.

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