Image of a female looking in the boot of a Hyundai Santa Fe rental car parked next to the sea

Our Team

Let's introduce you to the team at GO.

When GO Rentals was formed in 1997, our team was a small, tight-knit unit working out of one location. Move the clocks forward 20 years and we now have branches in five major hubs around New Zealand and a large team based across all these locations.

Our team includes many people who have been here from day one and whilst we are always looking to grow and expand, it’s great to remind ourselves how far we have come. Here’s a quick introduction to some members who have made GO Rentals what it is today.

Head shot image of John Osborne, Director at GO Rentals

John Osborne


Head shot image of James Dalglish, Chief Operating Officer at GO Rentals

James Dalglish

Chief Operating Officer

Head shot image of Helen Osborne, Head of People & Talent at GO Rentals

Helen Osborne

Head of People & Talent

Head shot image of Barry Thompson, Fleet Manager at GO Rentals

Barry Johnston

Fleet Manager

Head shot image of Kevin Dang, IT Manager at GO Rentals

Kevin Dang

IT Manager

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