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Help After your journey

Answering your questions about the end of your adventure and dropping off your vehicle

Frequently asked questions

If I return the car early, will I get a refund?
If you’ve booked with us directly and you’re wanting to return your car to your specified location (more than 24 hours before your set drop-off time), we will recalculate the total charge of the hire including daily rate and accessories and refund the exceeded amount minus an administration fee of 10% or $20, whichever is higher.
What if I’m running late and can’t return the car at the stated time on the contract?
After the stated time on the contract, you’ll be charged an hourly rate for up to 4 hours. After this period, a full day’s rental and insurance will be charged.
What happens if I’m running late and return my car without a full tank of petrol?
Don’t stress if you’re running low on time before dropping off, we can have one of our team refill the car on your behalf. We’ll charge you the cost of filling the car and depending on the amount of petrol required, we may also charge a $50 service fee. At drop-off, you’ll be advised if fees apply.
I've forgotten to pay a toll during my trip - what happens now?
The good news is that you have 5 days from the day you passed through the toll road to pay - the easiest way to do this is online at You’ll need the vehicle licence plate number to pay for your trip/s online. After the 5 day period, we are subject to an infringement from NZTA. Toll Fees are the hirers responsibility - we’ll pay this on your behalf, but will charge you the cost of the toll fee, any admin costs NZTA have applied as well as our own $25 administration fee. This is charged to the card you’ve provided for security.
If I return my rental to your city offices, will your shuttle be able to take me to the airport or my accommodation?
To maintain both staff and customer safety we are able to return you to the airport at both Auckland Airport and Christchurch from 8am - 5pm 7 days a week. This is not available at other locations, however we are only a short walk from the airport.
Do I have to clean my rental car before I drop it back off?
There’s no need - we have a great team of groomers at the branch that can sort that for you. We ask that you remove all rubbish and personal belongings from the car at the time of drop-off. If the car is dirty (i.e. mud on body of the car), we ask that you rinse off excess dirt before you return the car.

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