The Rental Vehicle Association (RVA) has appointed James Dalglish Managing Director of GO Rentals to the position of Industry President in the special meeting held last week. 

The RVA is the authority behind the rental vehicle industry in New Zealand and is dedicated to ensuring that the users of rental vehicles within NZ have safe and enjoyable journeys throughout the country. 

The national body works closely with members to ensure the sustainability of the industry through relationships with NZ Transport Agency, Tourism NZ and the Ministry of Transport and provides the governance, code of ethics and an area for complaint resolution for customers of rental car providers within New Zealand.

For the last 4 years, the position of President has been held by Mark Righton Country Manager Hertz NZ and is elected by the 10 council members at the Annual Conference.  Mr Righton, who is relocating with Hertz to Australia says the RVA provide an invaluable service to the industry.  “Traditionally the RVA has worked with members to ensure rental agreements and current practice are compliant with all relevant legislation such as the Fair-Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act, in NZ – something of growing importance with the massive increase in small rental car operators starting to operate in the market.”

Incoming President James Dalglish has been with GO Rentals for 20 years and says the association is one of increasing importance to New Zealand Tourism.  “With the growth in international visitors who are using rental cars up from 2.4million in 2009 to 3.8million in 2019, a lot of whom don’t speak the language or haven’t read the NZ road code, the importance of a collective industry presence to educate and care for these drivers while on our NZ roads is paramount”.

Barry Kidd Chief Executive of the Rental Vehicle Association says “The RVA continues to work closely with government agencies such as the Commerce Commission, NZ Transport Agency and the Ministry of Transport to advocate for members and to understand any concerns or issues they have with industry practice. This provides a focus for industry seminars and training to keep members informed about what best practice is.”

A search of a prominent online aggregator shows 47 businesses offering car hire across the country and both the RVA and the Tourism Industry recognises the importance of guidelines to help members support their customers and to meet the goals of the Tourism New Zealand Tiaki Promise.

The Tiaki Promise recognises that everyone who lives and travels to New Zealand has a responsibility to look after it.  It recognises travelling safely and with care and consideration and is supported by the work done by the RVA and its members around international driver education and safety on our roads.


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