If you have children, maybe you’ll want to book a babysitter because this is one New Zealand attraction you might not want to bring them to. In fact, if you’re prone to a fright and have squeamy sensibilities yourself, maybe just stay home because Spookers is definitely not for the faint hearted.

For those that have survived the ordeal, they’ll tell you that Spookers is an entertainment experience like no other.  Visitors move through a themed Haunted House that is full of outlandishly-evil sets, props and ‘scare actors’. With many of the effects developed with help from Sir Peter Jackson’s famous Weta Studios, it’s a full-on experience where the entire environment is purposely designed to scare the living daylights out of you.

Spookers is a unique place in the Pacific region and includes four main attractions. The first is the Haunted House which is set on the grounds of Auckland’s old Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital.  The second is the ‘’Forest of Terror’, where visitors have to escape creatures of the dead.  Third is the carnival-inspired ‘Disturbia’ where, to save themselves, visitors have to move through a maze of colours, turning walls and floors, 3D effects and creatures. Fourth is the claustrophobic ‘Corn Evil’, which is currently closed and due to open again in January 2013.

So, if zombies, mutilation, crazed clowns, axe murderers and disturbed butchers are among your tastes, you can get your kicks by visiting Spookers. There are strict over-16 age restrictions for Friday and Saturday nights. Management says some attractions are suitable for children aged over-8, but it is probably best to call up in advance to see what is both appropriate and available.

For more information on Spookers, admission prices and opening hours visit www.spookers.co.nz.  For information about the surrounding area, visit our Auckland Travel Guide