GO Play Program Terms & Conditions

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GO Play Program

1. These terms apply to every customer to whom we gave a complimentary Discount Card or to anyone who has acquired or wishes to acquire the card. By using the card, you are signifying that you have read and agreed to these terms, you also signify that you agree to these terms as amended or replaced from time to time.

2. GO Play is a discount program operated by GO Rentals (Auckland) Limited. GO Rentals (Auckland) Limited have arranged with various suppliers to give discounts or advantages upon presentation of the Discount Card.

3. All bookings must be direct to the supplier of the activity or attraction as listed on the GO Play map or the GO Play website page. Presentation of the card and payment must be direct to the supplier.

4. The arrangement is that you can use the card for as many persons as you like and that the discount or advantage will apply to every purchase with the Discount Card of products or services to which the discount or advantage applies.

5. The suppliers who are participating in the Discount Scheme will be listed on the GO Rentals website. The list of participating suppliers will change from time to time and reference should be made to our website for the most up to date list when you wish to use the Discount Card. Printed collateral is correct at time of printing and may change without notice.

6. An indicative discount that is offered by each supplier will be shown on our website – the figure or percentage shown will only be indicative and can change without notice. Any advantages not in the nature of a discount will also be shown on our website – these can change without notice. Note that we are entirely dependent on the participating suppliers giving us accurate and up to date information so that it can be published on our website. We do not accept any liability of any kind should any participating supplier fail to provide accurate or up to date information.

7. We cannot guarantee that any supplier will be able to book you on the tour or activity of your choice or have the product of your choice on the day of your choice. You may need to pre-book tours or activities of your choice directly with the supplier. Our only involvement in relation to participating suppliers is entering into an arrangement between GO Rentals (Auckland) Limited and them whereby they agree to provide to customers with Discount Cards discounts or advantages within their normal activities. We have no control over or influence over how suppliers carry on their business and what tours or activities they operate or when or what products they carry. We will not be liable under any circumstances for any reason under any head of law if you suffer any form of loss or any form of injury or incur any unexpected cost or expense as a result of booking or going on or not being able to go on or book any tour or activity provided by or through any participating supplier or as a result of not being able to buy the product of your choice.

8. We cannot guarantee that every such supplier will honour the arrangement in relation to the use of the Discount Card as that is beyond our control. We would expect all suppliers to honour the arrangement but if you have any difficulties with any supplier, you are invited to call the provided phone number on the card and we will see whether we can rectify the problem for you.

9. To receive the relevant discount or advantage, your Discount Card must be verified by the supplier and swiped in their payment terminal. We have no responsibility or liability to you if, for any reason, the transaction cannot be recorded in our system through the supplier’s terminal.

10. The Discount Cards and the payment terminals used by participating suppliers are provided by a third party supplier, over which neither we nor the participating suppliers have any control. We cannot guarantee that the Discount Cards or payment terminals will function as they should and we will not be liable under any circumstances for any reason under any head of law if your Discount Card or the participating supplier’s payment terminal do not function properly. We will use reasonable endeavours to resolve any problems with the Discount Card or payment terminal.

11. Despite our exclusions of liability in these terms, should we have any liability to you for any reason under any head of law, then to the extent permitted by law, our maximum liability to you shall be the price that you paid for the Discount Card. Under no circumstances will be liable to you under any head of law for any loss of income or loss of profit.

12. We cannot guarantee that the Discount Scheme will operate for any length of time. We can terminate it at any time without notice.

13. You may not assign any rights or obligations that you have in relation to the Discount Card. Only you may use the Discount Card. A participating supplier will be entitled to satisfy themselves that the card is valid. Any abuse of the card will entitle us to terminate the card and your right to use it immediately and without prior notice.

14. By agreeing to these terms, you agree that we may retain personal information about you, which we may use to provide you with offers and information about our services or services provided by other suppliers. We will do our best to keep the information secure and correct. You may ask to see what information we have about you and if you find that any of it is incorrect, we will promptly correct it upon receiving your advice. We may charge you for the reasonable costs of retrieving, providing the information and if applicable, correcting the information.

15. These terms may be changed by us at any time. The current terms at any given point of time will be available on our website. No changes to these terms may otherwise be made unless we have agreed to them in writing. Any failure or omission by us at any time to enforce or require strict or timely compliance with any of these terms shall not in itself constitute any form of waiver or election.

16. All dollar amounts are NZ dollar amounts. To the maximum extent permitted by law, these terms are to be interpreted and governed by New Zealand Law and the New Zealand courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to all matters arising out of, concerning, or relating to these terms.