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Why check in online?

Whether you are renting straight off a plane and going on an epic Kiwi road trip or exploring nearby, you will want to save time, pick up your keys and get GOing. We have worked hard to simplify our processes so you can enjoy more time on the road, seeing our beautiful country and doing the things you love. Check in online for:

  • Speed - All we need to do at pick up is sign the waiver and hand over the keys.
  • Peace of mind - Don't spend your journey to the branch triple checking your booking, driver's license and rental agreement. When you check in online, all checks are done and you can walk straight to your rental.
  • Access to our friendly team - Checking in online doesn't take away our personal customer service. There will still be an awesome team waiting for you at the counter to give you your keys and ensure you are all set.

Unexpected change in plans?

We understand. Sometimes, the best-laid plans can face the unexpected. A meeting gets rescheduled, a family emergency arises, or maybe the weather has other plans. Whatever the cause, you're left with a car rental booking that you no longer need.
At GO Rentals, you don't have to worry. We've got your back with our flexible cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your car rental booking online anytime up to 48 hours before your scheduled collection. It's our way of ensuring that our service adapts to your changing needs, not the other way around.

But that's not all. Here's how we make the cancellation process easy and stress-free:

  • Simple cancellation process
    Find your car rental booking, and with just a few clicks, you can cancel it. No hidden clauses, no complicated procedures.
  • Immediate cancellation confirmation
    As soon as you cancel your booking, you can be sure the cancellation has been processed immediately.
  • Refunds
    As part of our online cancellation process, any credit balances resulting from your pre-paid booking will automatically be set for a refund. That means, you don't have to go through an additional step to request your money back. Once you cancel your booking, we instantly kick-start the refund procedure.

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