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Car rental accessories

A stress-free car rental should work for you. Our range of accessories, including baby car seats, roof racks, ski racks, snow chains, and luggage trailers, ensure a secure and comfortable journey throughout your New Zealand adventure. Whether you are looking for an easy family car rental or a fun winter ski trip, our accessories can add a layer of convenience to your car rental experience.

Hire a Car Seat

If your little ones are coming along for your road trip adventure, you should have peace of mind that your family car rental will keep everyone safe. Book a baby capsule, child seat or booster seat in advance and we’ll fit it into your rental car so you can get GOing straight away.

In New Zealand, all children under 7 years of age must use a child restraint for their age and size. We have the following car seat rentals available from all branches:

Roof Rack Hire
  • Baby Capsule - Forward Facing
    Suitable for 0-6 months old.
  • Child Seat - Forward Facing
    Suitable for 6 months to 3 years old.
  • Booster Seat - Forward Facing
    Suitable for 4 years to 7 years old.

How to Book a Car Seat Hire

Simply add your itinerary details to our booking widget and add a car seat hire as an additional option at checkout.

Best Family Cars for Baby Seat Rentals

Our car seats can be fitted to any vehicle in our fleet. For the most comfortable family drive, we recommend a safe and efficient SUV.

Roof Rack Hire

A roof rack rental can bring you freedom and comfort on the road. With its ability to effortlessly handle sports equipment, camping essentials and extra luggage, it enables adventurers to have outdoor experiences without compromise. Whether you are camping in stunning landscapes or experiencing exhilarating sports ventures, our roof racks seamlessly merge practicality and adventure.

Our friendly car rental staff can fit your roof rack hire at any branch. Book in advance to have your car ready to GO.

Roof Rack Hire

How to Book a Roof Rack Hire

Add your car rental details to your booking and simply tick the roof rack rental at checkout. Please note our roof racks are compatible with certain vehicles.

Best Car Rental for Roof Racks

Here are some suitable vehicles that roof racks can be fitted to:

Ski and Snowboard Racks

Embrace the slopes worry-free and save on ski or snowboard hire costs by taking your equipment with you. Our ski and snowboard racks are designed with your journey in mind, providing ample space for you and your sports gear. Focus on the thrill of the ride while we prioritise your convenient winter car and ski rack rental.

Ski and snowboard rack accessories can be fitted at any of our branches so you can get GOing on your snow road trip.

Roof Rack Hire

How to Book your Ski or Snowboard Racks

Select your snow trip itinerary details and add a ski or snowboard rack to your checkout. For the safest snow trip, our ski and snowboard racks are only compatible with specific vehicles.

Ski and Snowboard Compatible Cars

Here are some suitable vehicles that ski and snowboard racks are compatible with:

Snow Chain Hire

The majority of New Zealand roads are well-maintained and sealed. However, the winter weather can change in an instant and cover roads with snow and ice hazards, especially in mountainous areas. You should be able to explore any stunning scenery without hesitation in your car rental. Book snow chains for your car rental hire and embrace your winter wonderland journey.

All of our GO Rental branches can fit your snow chains or show you how to attach them yourself to any car rental. Your security and safety are our priority so you can focus on your car rental fun.

Roof Rack Hire

How to Book a Snow Chain Hire

Simply select your car rental details and add a snow chain option at checkout. Please note our snow chains are only compatible with certain vehicles and are not available for Teslas.

Best Winter Cars

For the best winter car experience, here are some suitable vehicles that can be fitted with our snow chains:

Luggage Trailer Rental

When you're on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is having enough space. Whether you're travelling with the whole tribe or need room for special equipment, there’s no need to deal with this stress.

With GO Rentals car trailer hire, you can rest assured you have all the space you need.

Why hire a car trailer?

If you have additional luggage, a car trailer can be a great way to ensure your holiday is as luxurious as possible. For instance, if you're travelling in large groups like families or sports teams, your vehicle will likely be filled with people.

Rather than cramming it all into a vehicle, why not grab a car trailer? This can also be useful if you are carrying extra equipment for activities like skiing or mountain biking. A car trailer adds flexibility to your journey for a more enjoyable trip.

Luggage Trailer

  • 9 - 16 year(s) old
  • 10 large bags
  • 10 small bags
    • 1.2m wide
    • 1m high
    • 1.8m long
    • 4 cubic metres
    Image of a GO Rentals trailer which is available for hire on a white background
    Close up image of a GO Rentals trailer which is available for rental on a white background
    Side image of a GO Rentals trailer which is available for hire on a white background
    Front image of a GO Rentals trailer which is available for hire on a white background
    Front and side image of a GO Rentals trailer which is available for hire on a white background

    How to Book a Luggage Trailer

    Contact our branches or reservations team and they will be able to assist you with your car trailer booking.

    Vehicles for car trailer hire

    Our luggage trailer rentals are compatible with certain vehicles.

    Check with our friendly reservations team to ensure your vehicle booked has a towbar fitted to connect your luggage trailer rental.

    Why GO with us?

    At GO Rentals, we don't just get you from A to B. We design an array of perks to ensure your New Zealand self-driving holiday goes off without a hitch.

    Where to GO in New Zealand

    Car rental accessories provide you with freedom and convenience. Whether exploring the North or South Islands, our 8 branches guarantee you the essential tools for a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Pick up snow chains or ski racks in Queenstown and Christchurch, or plan your car seat hire and family car rental from Auckland. Our multiple branches are ready to fit your car with an accessory hire so you can get GOing today.