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Long-term car rental in New Zealand

Whether you are revving up for an epic New Zealand excursion, have overseas visitors or are shifting into a business trip, our affordable and hassle-free long-term car rentals have got you covered.

With discounted rates for a range of cars from electric to SUVs, 24-hour roadside assistance and unlimited kilometres, you can have rental peace of mind with GO.

The benefits of long-term car rentals

Long-term car rentals can provide many benefits over standard car ownership or lock-in contracts for leasing:

  • Flexibility
    Plans change and we embrace that! Renting a car long-term, without any lock-in contracts, means your car works for your plans, not the other way around. Have the freedom to switch vehicles or change your itinerary. Going from a slick electric car rental for business meetings to an SUV for a family road trip has never been easier.
  • Cheaper rates
    Renting a vehicle for more than a few weeks will often unlock a cheaper fee per day. This can lead to substantial savings in the long run. If you can't commit to buying or leasing a car then access the discounted rates for long-term rental cars. However, it's important to note that these cheaper rates are subject to seasonality, demand, and availability.
  • Convenience
    Travel at your own pace without a looming return date. Whether you have multiple business commitments or you're a tourist here to experience the full beauty of New Zealand, book a monthly car rental for the freedom to travel whenever you need.
  • One-Way Rentals
    GO Rentals offers a one-way rental service, even on our long-term bookings. This allows you to focus more on your itinerary and less on your return date. Whether you are moving cities, travelling from the North to the South Island or want the freedom to fly home, you don't need to compromise for your car rental.
  • Maintenance and repairs
    Unlike car ownership or some leasing contracts, we are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of your long-term car rental (providing all terms of the agreement are met). When you are navigating an extended trip, the last thing you want to worry about is regular car maintenance and unexpected costs.
  • Modern vehicles
    Don't compromise on comfort or luxury. Long-term car rentals allow you to experience new vehicle models like our Tesla fleet or hybrid cars without the commitment of buying.

Frequently asked questions

Why GO with us?

We brake for no one when it comes to offering value! Our long-term rental cars do more than just get you from A to B:

Buckle-Up for Security

Steer clear of worry with your long-term rental and get covered! We offer comprehensive insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance to help your journey go smoothly.

All GO Rentals hires come with GO Basic insurance cover. For higher levels of coverage, we also offer GO Assured and GO Peace of Mind cover.

With GO, it's easy to find the right insurance for your needs and price point. For more information, check out our complete guide to car rental insurance in New Zealand.

The road map to long-term rentals

We have eight convenient car rental locations spread across New Zealand so you can go the distance in your extended rental.

Here are our top locations to pick up a long-term rental vehicle to take the scenic route:

Long-Term Car Rental Auckland

As one of the largest cities in New Zealand, Auckland is a hub of multi-cultural experiences, thriving businesses and stunning scenery. With limited public transportation options in the city, opting for a long-term car rental is a cost-effective alternative, ensuring a stress-free stay during your visit.

Pick up your rental vehicle as soon as you land at Auckland Airport or head to our urban CBD branch and settle into your extended trip.

Long-Term Car Rental Christchurch

Some journeys are worth savouring and Christchurch is the perfect place to shift into cruise control. Enjoy a long winter ski adventure at Mount Hutt with our ski rack accessories or take in a breathtaking drive through the Canterbury region.

Why settle for a sprint when you can go for a marathon? Christchurch is the ideal base to start a South Island adventure. Explore every beautiful landscape on offer in a long-term car rental.

Long-Term Car Rental Wellington

Basing yourself in the capital city of Wellington for an extended trip is an excellent idea. It is the gateway for exploring both the North and South Islands and a long-term rental can help you appreciate the travel opportunities on your doorstep.

Long-Term Car Rental Queenstown

Buckle up for the long haul in the adventure capital of Queenstown. With the site of the world's first bungee jump, renowned skiing resorts and the Milford Sound region, you will not be stuck in neutral on a lengthy stay here.

Vehicles for Long Term Rental

GO has a full range of modern vehicles to choose from to make your prolonged stay more comfortable. With a sustainable approach to car rentals, you can hire a greener vehicle or offset your long-hire emissions with GO Zero. Gear up for peace of mind with a GO car.

Electric long-term car rental

Test out a luxurious and smooth EV with a long-term booking. Our electric fleet, including the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, gives you a quality driving experience like no other. Whether you are on a business trip or looking to buy an electric vehicle in the future, a GO electric car hire could be your gateway to the most comfortable self-drive journey.

Long-Term SUV Hire

SUVs are the most versatile vehicles, allowing you to switch between urban city roads and rugged country landscapes. If you have overseas visitors staying or are navigating the planning stages of an epic family trip, a long-term SUV hire would have you covered. With enough room for activity equipment and for passengers to stretch out, both our mid-size and large SUVs can keep you on track for a smooth road trip.