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Group: 8 / Toyota HIghlander GXL Large 4x4 Toyota Highlander GXL
$19 a day
1 Large 4x4 Relocation Max 3 days

Guaranteed Model: 0-1 year old

Relocate one of our Toyota Highlanders from Queenstown to Chrischurch only $19 per day.

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26 Sep 2017to10 Oct 2017

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The Ford Ranger easily carried all our stuff and delivered us to all the places we wanted to go and some new places we found on the way.

John, New Zealand

Thanks GO, our little red car was a champ and took us on lots of adventures!

Raechelle, Australia

Thanks GO for the 4x4 that took us everywhere on our breath-taking South-North trip to beautiful NZ!

Alexander, Germany

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. GOing everywhere with you guys has been amazing!

Pamela, New Zealand

We named her Mary the Mazda. A fun-sized reliable runabout, she took us to some unbelievable sights around Lake Tekapo!

Jonathan, Australia
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