Recognizing the need to support its employees’ mental health, GO Rentals, a rental car company with eight locations in New Zealand, has unveiled a new solution: A dedicated mini chill zone at its headquarters, providing a serene space where employees can take a breather as needed.

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Recent accolades, including being rated as New Zealand’s number one hire car company in the latest Canstar Blue Awards, highlight GO Rentals’ dedication to excellence. However, the company understands that true success extends beyond customer service and quality vehicles.

“As a company, we firmly believe that the wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance,” said Helen Osborne, head of people and talent at GO Rentals, in a recent news release. “We are not just a rental car company; we are a family that cares deeply about the physical and mental health of our team.”

Mental health is a critical concern affecting individuals across New Zealand, with a staggering one in five people affected by mental illness annually and 3.9% of the population seeking mental health services each year. Research showed that the three biggest workplace well-being challenges were: Employees’ mental health (81.9%) stress (75.5%), and work/life balance (74.3%).

This mini chill zone is designed to foster relaxation and rejuvenation and represent GO Rentals’ commitment to the holistic wellness of its employees. The company understands that mental health awareness is not confined to a single week but should be a constant focus.

The chill zone follows steps the company took earlier this year to offer its 110 employees an array of perks and programs to benefit their well-being and create a more rewarding work environment.

In line with this ethos, GO Rentals is poised to introduce yoga and meditation classes to further support employee well-being. The creation of the chill zone and the company’s forthcoming yoga and meditation classes are part of GO Rentals’ dedication to mental health, well-being, and sustainable practices, extending beyond its role as a hire car company.

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About GO Rentals:

GO Rentals is a Kiwi-owned and operated car rental company. As trusted local experts with 24 years of experience in the travel industry, their focus on technology, innovation, and visitor experience has seen them grow from a small family-owned business to a multi-award winning national brand.

GO Rentals currently has nine branches nationwide, Including Auckland (City and Airport), WaihekeWellingtonNelson, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin, and Invercargill.

Kiwi consumers acknowledged GO Rentals as New Zealand’s favourite car rental provider in 2023. GO Rentals was the clear winner of Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers being the only company to earn a top 5-Star award for Overall Satisfaction.