GO Rentals road safety infographic

Road safety is at the heart of what we do at GO Rentals. Whether we’re renting to a New Zealand driver or an international visitor, we want to make sure that everyone who rents a car from us is safe out on New Zealand’s roads. We work closely with the NZTA, NZ Police and Safer Journeys to ensure people get to where they are going safely. This infographic has been created using data from the NZTA’s Crash Analysis System Data* and their International Visitors Report and highlights some of the major causes of accidents on New Zealand roads.

For more information on road safety in New Zealand, you can access a number of resources:

  • NZ Driving Tips film – a great resource showing some of the things that are different when driving on NZ’s roads
  • Drive Safe Website – tips, advice and resources to keep you safe whilst driving on NZ’s roads
  • Driving Tests website – if you are an international visitor to NZ or just want to refresh your knowledge, take the driving test online
  • AA Traveller – A great resource for helping you plan your journeys in advance with accurate journey times and distances

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