A state of the art, highly sustainable, customer-focused, vehicle grooming and maintenance facility closely resembling a Formula One-style pit crew is operating at GO Rentals in Christchurch.  The new facility recently impressed Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts, who visited the site.

GO Rentals’ new vehicle maintenance and automatic carwash system is the first of its kind in New Zealand, recycling 80 per cent of its water and significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint by more than 75 per cent.

GO Rentals’ Managing Director, James Dalglish, says the company has invested more than a million dollars in the new facility, with environmental sustainability top of mind when searching for a new solution for the vehicle grooming area of the business.

“GO Rentals’ is demonstrating a leadership position within our rental car industry in New Zealand – minimising our impact on the environment in whatever way we can. Summer is a busy time for rental car companies across the country, and being the first in New Zealand to recycle our own water through our carwash system but also in introducing new systems to reduce waste to landfills, responsibly dispose of hazardous substances such as waste oil and car batteries, and reducing vehicle movements is something we’re extremely proud of.

“To be the first rental car company in New Zealand to introduce an internationally renowned system like this, leading to us reducing our environmental impact in such a big way was an absolute no-brainer,” he says.

James Dalglish recently hosted Tourism Industry Aotearoa CEO Chris Roberts at GO Rentals’ Christchurch Airport, with Mr Roberts commenting on how impressed he was with the significant reduction in environmental impact.

“I’m really impressed by the efforts that GO Rentals is putting into improving its environmental sustainability. And that is having financial benefits as well. GO Rentals was among the first tourism businesses to sign up to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, which TIA launched in November 2017. As winners of the ServiceIQ Visitor Experience Award at the 2018 New Zealand Tourism Awards, GO Rentals continues to innovate to advance its business,” says Chris Roberts.

The new facility at GO Rentals Christchurch Airport has led to a reduction of waste to landfill by a third, a 65 per cent decrease in turnaround time for vehicle washing and grooming, with 80 per cent of water used is recycled at the site’s six large underground tanks.   As well as that, a focus on responsible disposal of waste products has also been a big focus of the company, with waste oil, tyres and car batteries all being recycled through specialist contractors like Fulton Hogan and Ecotech Services.

The new facility is also set up to maintain electric vehicles, should the company purchase any in the future, demonstrating GO Rentals’ long term vision to future proof itself as a business, with environmental sustainability top of mind.



Kelly Armitage

Communications Specialist – GO Rentals

027 213 5625