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Model 3 & Model Y Guide.
The Basics

Hop in, get familiar, enjoy the journey.

Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y luxury interior

Before you GO

To help you get familiar with the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y, we've put together a few handy tips for getting you in your EV and out on the road.

Table of content

Key card

The Model 3 and Model Y has replaced a traditional car key with a key card. This allows you to lock, unlock and start the vehicle.

Top tips for using the key card:

  • To unlock the car, tap the key card just below the camera/sensor on the driver's side door. You'll know the car is unlocked when the mirrors open up.
  • To start the car, place the key card on the flat area of the centre console, just behind the cup holders. Once you've started the car, you’re able to move the card to a more secure position, to stop it from sliding while you’re driving.
  • To lock the car, tap the card just below the camera/sensor (same as you did when unlocking). The wing mirrors will fold in.
Watch a key card video guide (0:26)

Adjusting your seats, steering wheel and mirrors

Setting the car up exactly how you like it is nice and easy and only takes a few minutes. The key things you'll want to adjust are your driver's seat, the steering wheel and main mirrors.

The key things you need to know:

  • To adjust your driver's seat, use the electric controls located at the base of your seat, on the right hand side.
  • To adjust the steering wheel, click on the vehicle icon on the main nav, select 'steering wheel' and use the left scroll (located on the steering wheel) to move the wheel up, down, in or out.
  • Within the same settings screen, select each wing mirror and again, use the left scroll (located on the steering wheel) to adjust your mirrors. The Rear view mirror is a manual control, so you can adjust that by hand.
  • If you are sharing the driving with other drivers, why not creating driving profiles to save your seating, side mirrors and steering wheel preferences so that next time you are driving, it is as easy as a click on the screen to bring back your comfort.

Gear Selection

The Model 3 and Model Y gear shift selector is located on the right hand side of the steering wheel.

The key things you need to know:

  • To put the car in reverse, pull the gear selector up.
  • To put the car in drive, push the gear selector down.
  • To put the car into park, push the button at the end of the gear selector.
  • To engage the manual break, press and hold the park button for two seconds.
Watch a gear selection video guide (0:43)

Regenerative braking

When you get into the EV space, you'll hear this term used often. Regenerative breaking uses an electric vehicle's kinetic energy and converts it back to electric energy, during breaking. This is used to extend the driving range of the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y, so you can explore more between charges.

If this is your first time renting an EV/Tesla, our team will spend some time with you at pick-up, making sure you’re familiar with the vehicle and are comfortable getting on the road.

The Model 3 and Model Y features a built-in GPS/Navigation system. The vehicle's system will calculate the quickest route, provide you with an estimated time of arrival and estimate your battery level apon arrival. To use the system:

  • Select the -Navigation- option, located at the top of the 15" touch-screen display.
  • Search and lock in your travel destination.

If you’re planning a long range trip, the system will automatically recommend a route that takes you through Supercharger locations, as you may need to charge the vehicle along the way. If you'd like to learn more about charging, click through to our dedicated page.


Charging your Tesla is nice and easy. With AC, DC, Home and Supercharging options available, you'll never be far from a charging station.

For everything you need to know about charging your tesla, click through to our dedicated page.

Watch a charging video guide (0:38)

Frunk and Trunk

The Model 3 and Model Y is not a traditional car. With no engine in the front, Tesla has created more space to store your luggage.

  • To open the Frunk and the Trunk, simply press on the Frunk or the Trunk on the touch screen.
  • To close the Frunk, manually pull down the Frunk and use two hands to put pressure on both sides of the Tesla badge.
  • To close the Trunk, there is a button on the door and when pressed, it will automatically close the Trunk.

Roadside Assistance

When you hire a Tesla through GO Rentals, you can make use of Tesla's dedicated roadside assistance service.

Simple call 0800 005 431. Please note not all circumstances are covered by Tesla's roadside assistance and may require you to incur fees/charges (with advance notice).

For more information download the Tesla roadside assistance policy