Rotorua is a major destination for local and international visitors and there’s good reason why. Not only do they have spectacular, out-of-this-world geothermal sights like the Champagne Pools at Wai-O-Tapu and the Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia, it’s also the place to discover and experience Maori culture.

For those based overseas, you’ll probably have seen the mighty All Blacks perform the dramatic ‘Haka’ before rugby matches, but what else do you really know? A visit to the Mitai Maori Village in Rotorua is the perfect place to have an authentic Maori cultural experience.

The Authentic Mitai Maori Village Experience

The Mitai Maori Village is all about creating an authentic Maori cultural experience for its guests. This starts with the setting which is absolutely stunning.

Surrounded by beautiful New Zealand native bush, the Mitai Maori Village has before it the crystal clear waters of the Wai-o-whiro stream, full of eels and trout. You’ll also be able to see glow worms in their natural habitat.

Mitai Maori Village welcome

Upon arrival at the Mitai Maori Village, you’ll be welcomed by beautiful Maori Maidens dressed in the traditional attire (the first of many photo opportunities). You’ll learn the basic guidelines of entering such a sacred place and select a Chief to represent your group, a great honour of status in Maoridom.

You’ll then witness Maori warriors in traditional dress, paddle an ancient warrior canoe ‘Waka’ down the Wai-o-whiro stream and be entertained and captivated by songs, dances and games. This is concluded with the spine-tingling Maori ‘Haka’.

Mitai Maori Village Waka Canoe

You’ll also get to experience the Mitai Maori Village authentic Maori ‘Hangi’ dinner which includes a hot selection of succulent New Zealand meats and poultry, delicious vegetables and fresh salads, topped off with tempting dessert buffet style.

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Ancient World Daytime Guided Tour

The Mitai Maori Village Ancient World Daytime Guided Tour takes you back in time to pre-European Settlement and the tribe of Ngati Whakaue who lived at the base of Ngati Whakaue.

You’ll learn about their history and how they once lived their lives, and hear tales of legends like the Patupaiarehe Fairies and gaze upon the sparkling blue water of the sacred Waiwhakarukuhanga-atua, regarded as a portal to the underworld.

Also as part of this tour, you’ll learn the knowledge Maori have of the New Zealand flora and fauna which were used for medicinal purpose having been handed down the generations, including the healing of wounds and cleansing of the body. You’ll also be shown techniques that Maori used to catch birds, fish and eels and how Maori utilised trapping tools such as ‘Hinaki’ (nets) and bird troughs to catch their prey.

Mitai Maori Village culture

This will be followed by a visit to the ancient village of Pukepoto where you’ll see and learn about the various ‘Whare’ (houses), ‘Pataka’ (food storehouse), ‘Whakairo’ (carvings), ‘Puhara’ (watchtowers) and ‘Tu-watawata’ (palisading) that are located within. The experience will finish with a refreshing drink of water sourced from the sacred spring and a taste of the “Rewana bread’ (Maori bread) made from a family recipe that has been in the family for over a hundred years.

Mitai Maori Village Combo Deals

The Mitai Maori Village have combined with other top attractions in Rotorua to offer fantastic combo deals for its visitors. This includes the likes of Rainbow Springs, Ohinemutu Village, and Adventure Playground giving you the opportunity to include two great experiences with one ticket.

Beauty by Night Combo

The Mitai Maori Village Beauty by Night Combo adds an enchanting visit to the Rainbow Springs Nature Park by Night. The Rainbow Springs Nature Park by Night is a night lit extravaganza that gives you a chance to view wildlife and bush under a magical array of coloured lights.

Mitai Maori Village Kiwi Bird

The visit includes the opportunity to enter the Kiwi bird enclosure to see them up close whilst they forage for bugs. You’ll also see nocturnal creatures like the Morepork and Tuatara that normally stay hidden in the dark!

This natural wonder is a perfect accompaniment to the authentic Maori cultural experience you’ll have at Mitai Maori Village showcasing the best of what Rotorua has to offer.

The Beauty by Night Combo ticket also includes a complimentary transport transfer to Mitai Maori Village and Rainbow Springs (within Rotorua’s city limits). You also get the opportunity to return to Rainbow Springs the following day with FREE ENTRY into the park!

Mitere Mitai Combo

The Mitere Mitai Combo includes a visit to the historic Ohinemutu Village situated on the shores of Lake Rotorua. The Ohinemutu Village is an experience where you’ll learn first hand about the customs, protocols, history and legends of this sacred region.

The Ohinemutu Village experience is an interactive one that will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about Maori which will allow you to learn about past influences and the future for Maori in modern-day New Zealand.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the Maori culture before your visit to the Mitai Maori Village.

Spirit Mountain Combo

The Spirit Moutain Combo combines the excitement of Adventure Playground with the authentic Maori cultural experience at the Mitai Maori Village.

Mitai Moari Village Combo Deal Spirited Mountain

In 4WD buggies, you’ll experience a guided scenic excursion to the summit of Mount Ngongotaha to get an intimate view of the surrounding area. Cattle, sheep, lush native bush and breathtaking views from 2,000 feet above sea level of Lake Rotorua are all part of the experience as well as the fun of buggies.

A great option for families or a group of ‘young at heart’ adults!

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