Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Freefall Xtreme, the closest you will come to being Superman this side of the Southern Hemisphere! Fly unattached against a wind speed up to 220kmph for the ultimate thrill and laugh a minute experience. The 20-meter high wind tunnel powered by a V12 diesel engine, allows you to fly at a height of up to four meters safely above the countryside without the need for a harness, meaning the whole family can get involved. If you fancy the thrill of falling without the push or the rope, New Zealand’s Rotorua Vertical Wind Tunnel has the answer.

Image of the freefall xtreme vertical wind tunnel in Rotorua where people can literally fly!

Agroventures in Rotorua is named as New Zealand’s leading hub of adventure with adrenaline-fuelled activities catering for the timid to the extreme junkie. With many of its activities centered around the one location of the Agrodome farmland, it makes experiencing as much as possible easy! Prices are charged at NZ$49 per adult and NZ$39 per child aged 15 and under. Most ride the vertical wind tunnel but there are several packages offered, combining a number of other exciting experiences. To reach Agroventures, visitors can take advantage of their complimentary shuttle bus transfer from Rotorua’s CBD if booking in advance or alternatively it can be accessed easily by car taking SH5 North from the city.

Freefall Xtreme - indoor skydiving

Included in the price, riders are provided with a flight suit and goggles, training and a few tricks to have you spinning head over heels in no time. Throughout the 30-minute session, the team of staff stay with you to make the most of your flight, leaving you to feel blown away and your mood lifted. Freefall Xtreme takes on riders of all ages, with the only requirement being a minimum weight of 25kg and maximum of 130kg.

For the whole family, even the grandparents, or thrill seekers who’d rather stay a little more grounded, head to Rotorua’s Agrodome for a feel good fall. With Agroventures offering a variety of unique, laugh inducing experiences, feed your adrenaline craving with an alternative ride. The best for off-the-wall fun, New Zealand has it all.