At GO Rentals, we’re proud of all the work we do to ensure our customers have a safe and memorable experience during their amazing adventures in New Zealand.

We’re also aware that this involves doing our bit to be sustainable and environmentally conscious in the way that we go about our business.

For a car rental company, you might think this would fall into the too-hard basket, but we don’t shy away from challenges and have managed some great achievements contributing to the ecological well-being of our planet.

Carbon Zero Certified

Photo of a GO Rentals branch

A big goal for the GO Rentals team in its quest towards environmental sustainability was to become a carbon zero business.

To do this we teamed up with Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd to help us calculate, monitor and report on our carbon footprint from which we could create a plan towards reduction.

Taking into account compliance and statutory requirements, reduction opportunities and driving efficiency we developed an Emissions Management and Reduction Strategy which enabled us to take big strides in reducing the amount of energy the company consumed. This meant we were able to achieve the carboNZero certificationcertTM which was a truly great moment in the history of GO Rentals!

In saying this, it is definitely an ongoing process which we’ll look to maintain and improve upon. Our carbon footprint is externally audited by the carboNZero programme against internationally recognised standards.

It means it is something we continually have to keep on top of which is the way it should be!

The Hinewai Reserve project

Photo of Hinewai Reserve

Part of the way which we have achieved our carboNZero certificationcertTM is by buying carbon credits in support of the fantastic Hinewai Reserve project.

Hinewai Reserve is a privately owned and operated, ecological restoration project situated on the Banks Peninsula. It is a great initiative that is free and open to the public covering 1250 hectares of amazing native bush and natural scenery.

The aim of this project is to facilitate the natural regeneration of native vegetation and wildlife in the area. There are over 20km of walking tracks that are also linked to the seaside town of Akaroa.

The tracks include sights like streams, waterfalls, mountain peaks, eroded volcanic rims and more. The bird and wildlife including bellbird, kereru, morepork, falcons, tui, skinks and weta (to name a few) make it all the more special.

It’s humbling to be a part of something so worthwhile and is a project we look forward to contributing to in the future.

A green future!

As you can see, the GO Rentals team have done great work to achieve a carbon zero status and is something we look forward to maintaining so our customers can enjoy eco-friendly experiences.