Before we start, let’s just say that this is not a post bashing our Aussie neighbours. We do in fact love our Aussies neighbours (most of the time) which is why we welcome so many of them to our beautiful country every year. We also like to head across the ditch ourselves from time to time so there is some mutual love going on here.

Having said that, there are a few things that make New Zealand stand out if you’re comparing the two nations. It’s not that we’re necessarily better (although we probably are); it’s just that we’re different.

Let’s take a look at nine of the best reasons why Australians love New Zealand and why we’re so happy to see so many Aussies visiting all throughout the year.

1.      We have proper seasons

The beautiful colours of Wanaka in autumn
The beautiful colours of Wanaka in autumn

That’s right. Whilst it may seem like a great thing to live in the hot sunshine all year round, there’s so much you are missing out on. The beautiful colours of autumn and most importantly, the awesome skiing opportunities in New Zealand. Winter is perhaps the time when we welcome the most Aussies to New Zealand and they can’t get enough of our wonderful ski resorts. Can’t blame them there!

2.      We don’t have any deadly animals

Australian red back spider
Deadly redback spider

OK, so this is a pretty obvious one. If you want to be able to go to the bathroom without the fear of a spider or a snake lurking under the seat, then you’re pretty safe right here in New Zealand. It must be so nice to have a respite from constantly checking in your shoes and under the toilet seat for some sort of deadly animal.

3.      Our $2 coins are the right size

If you’ve ever spent any time in Australia, you will know that the coin system there is confusing as. Logically, it makes sense for coins to increase in size as they increase in denomination. Here in New Zealand, we’ve got it nailed. 10 cents is the smallest coin and $2 is the largest. Not the Aussies though. They like to mess with your heads. Their $2 coin is, in fact, smaller than there $1 coin which leads to all sorts of confusion at the checkout. Sort it out guys!

4.      Our Sauvignon Blanc is the best in the world

Marlborough Vineyard
Marlborough is New Zealand’s premier wine growing region

When it comes to a battle of the wines, you’ve got to pick your fights. We might not win on the heavy reds front (a Barossa Shiraz is up there with the best in the world) but where we do kick ass is our Sauvignon Blanc. And what better wine to drink in the summer months that this tasty drop? Marlborough is known as the world’s leading region for producing award-winning Savs and it seems our Aussie neighbours have developed quite a taste for it.

5.      Our summers are pleasantly warm

Back to the weather argument again! As well as having proper seasons, our summer months are perfectly pleasant with temperatures in the mid-20s. Head over to Australia and in many places you are faced with 3 months of being stuck in a humid hot tank, sweating your way through the summer months. If you want to escape the unbearable heat and actually enjoy sitting on the beach, get yourself over here for a couple of weeks.

6.      We are big on extreme sports

AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Bungy

The Aussies are sporting mad. They are also super competitive. That’s why New Zealand is the perfect place for them to come and release their competitive edge and participate in some of our extreme sports. From the home of bungy jumping to rafting the world’s highest commercially navigated waterfall, there’s a bit of something for every adrenaline junky across the ditch.

7.      Our inland beauty spots are amazing


Field of lupin wildflowers on the shore of lake Tekapo in New Zealand
Field of lupin wildflowers on the shore of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

There’s no doubt about it, Australia is a beautiful country. However, they are a little limited when it comes to scenery. Most of their amazing destinations are found along the coast as let’s face it, the middle of the country is a lot of dirt and a pretty cool giant red rock. New Zealand, on the other hand, has the best of both worlds. Amazing coastal destinations are matched by some stunning inland locations including the stunning Southern Alps, the lakes and the rolling pastures.

8.      We take laid back to another level

People often say how laid back the Aussies are but the ones we hear from say that Kiwis take things to the next level. We’ll take that as a compliment! We are pretty laid back when it comes to most things and we are definitely a friendly bunch. That’s why people find it so easy to come on holiday here. It’s like a home away from home.

9.      New Zealand is small

This is not a bad thing. Australia is huge. That is a fact. That means getting from place to place requires a huge amount of effort. Here in New Zealand, you’re never really that far away from anywhere else. Nowhere is much further than a 2-hour flight away and better still, it’s pretty easy to drive all over both islands (and even take your car across on the ferry between the two). Self-driving is by far and away the best way to explore our beautiful country. You’re in control and you can choose your routes, where to stop and what to do. It also means you can see the amazing scenery at your pace

So there you have it. Nine reasons why Australians love to come to New Zealand. To be fair, these nine reasons could apply to people all around the world but we do love a bit of banter with our Aussie neighbours. We look forward to hearing from you in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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